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Your Own Mobile App

It is time for you to take full advantage of technology, your customers will be able to order at home, order at the restaurant and more ...

* Prices in USD, on the payment page you will see the prices in your local currency.

General characteristics
App Adapted to You
We develop the App for your restaurant with all the content and the brand concept you have.
Development team
You will have a development team to accompany you throughout the process.
Your App in 7 Days
We want you to enjoy the fastest, for this we deliver your 100% functional App in 7 days.

Join the Digital Age
With your own App

As a restaurant you will increase the interaction of your customers and therefore sales will increase exponentially.

You will not need to develop a mobile App and a website separately, thanks to our PWA technology. You will have your App and your website fully connected.

Investing in a mobile App is the best option you have to innovate and enter the digital world, as it will mean a short-term investment, you will have more sales and more customers.

Today we live in a highly competitive world where if we do not innovate or update we disappear from the market, so the best option is for you to have the best technology at the right time.

More Interaction

Accept Orders
of Delivery

Your customers will be able to select what they want to order and place their orders online. The total amount to be paid will be automatically generated with automated additions and multiplications.

More Innovation

Differentiate yourself
from the

Nowadays the competition of the restaurant industry is extremely competitive, for this you need to differentiate yourself and generate more loyalty.

Your Own App

Screens of theMobile App

A completely personalized and functional App for your restaurant. Allow your customers more interaction.

Dropdown menu
Dropdown menu
Order confirmation
Order confirmation
Dropdown menu
Dropdown menu
Order options
Order options
Different categories
Different categories
Order options
Order options
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A Price For Everyone

Our mission is that everyone has access to the best technology and can therefore increase their sales.

Free Counseling

* Prices in USD Dollars, when you click on «Start Now» you will see the price in your local currency.

PWA (Progresive Web Apps)


$ 229 one-time setup fee

App adapted to your business
PWA works on all devices
Delivery Orders
Interactive digital menu
Support and technical attention

* Prices in USD Dollars, when you click on «Start Now» you will see the price in your local currency.

Your App in 7 Days
In record time you will have your App ready for your customers to interact.
Custom App
We are going to upload all your dishes and customize your app to the maximum.

How does it Work?

1. Form

Once you have contracted the service, fill in a form with your business information

2. Team

We assign you to the Ondify® development team.

3. Information

If something is missing from the form at this stage we ask you for all the information.

4. Development

We proceed to develop your App with all the information provided.

5. Test

We run all the tests to verify that it works perfectly.

6. Launch

We constantly launch and monitor your App.

* We assign you to the team the same day you are hired.
* The delivery time of your App is 7 business days. It is counted from the moment we receive all the necessary information.

We resolve doubts

Frequent Questions (F.A.Q)

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Restaurant App , however,
if you have any questions we will be happy to assist you.

We do not handle contracts or forced terms. You can try the service for a month and, one day before your plan expires, you can tell us if you want to continue with the service or not.

When do you start working on the development of my App?

Yes, we invoice our services and all prices include VAT.

Yes, while your subscription is valid we include support, maintenance and advice.

We do not visit to take pictures or videos.

We work with the photos or videos that you send us.

In case you do not have images, we work with high-quality royalty-free image and video libraries.

Yes ! Your customers will be able to order at home with your own App. They must select the product they want, the specifications and then they will be sent to a WhatsApp chat where the amount to pay will be automatically calculated.

If you are in the USA or Europe, payments are processed from the App.

Yes, our company (DigitalServices LLC) is incorporated in the United States, so we have the legal and operational capacity to provide our services internationally without any problem.

PWAs are commonly defined as the Apps that bring together the best of web and native applications, even coming to be understood as a middle ground or an evolved form.

This is an advantage of this new technology, your clients will only have to place your custom domain and embed the App on their main screen.

These Apps do not consume memory and work without internet.

Our entire team works directly from our corporate office and has a telephone number assigned by the company to be in contact with clients.

Either via WhatsApp, call or video call, as long as it is within the business hours of 8 a.m. at 5 p.m., Monday to Friday (GMT-6).

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♾️ Infinite

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